Basic information


Brand:            Koshi no Omachi  [koh-shi-no oh-machi]

Type of sake:          Daiginjo

Seimai Buai:  Rice milled to 40 %

Alcohol:          16-17% by volume


Bottle size, Case pack & UPC code: 

720ml, 6-pack          844650040005

                        180ml, 20-pack        844650040012




Producer:     Minogawa [meeno-gawa] Shuzo      Founded:     1827

Owned by:    Matsumoto Family

Location:      2-13-31 Miyahara, Nagaoka-shi, Niigata 940-0083 Japan



Toji (Master Brewer): Masayuki Tanaka

Tanaka-san has been making sake for two decades.


Ingredients & Technical data


Rice:               "Omachi" rice, one of the best and oldest sake rice varieties and the hardest to grow, is cultivated  by contract growers in the region only to produce this sake and polished to 40%.

Water:            Underground water currents from the Shinano River and the Higashiyama mountains are pumped up from the 90 meter deep on-site well. Soft water.

Yeast:@         Kyokai #9     

No sulfites, no preservatives.


SMV:               +3.5              Acidity:          1.2     Amino acids:          0.8


Other information


Serving temp.:  Remove from refrigerator 30 minute before drinking.

Tasting note:            Mild and rounded taste with fresh Ginjo flavor.

Minogawa has won Gold Awards at the Japan National Sake Competition in 2009, 2006, 2005, etc. and the US National Sake Appraisal (Joy of Sake) in 2006.